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Benevolent police praised for rushing to sick triplets’ aid with busy station car

A woman from Kasarani has lauded the police for offering help when her neighbour’s triplets fell sick on Thursday afternoon.

Consolata Muthoni, who has been assisting the distraught family that got triplets six weeks ago, sought help from different leaders in Mwiki unsuccessfully before turning to the police.

“Someone gave me the OCS’ number and I called him telling him we had an urgent medical case. He told us the station car was at the court but promised to send it to us immediately it arrives. The OCS called after a while saying the driver was on his way and they picked us and took us to the hospital,” Muthoni told Nairobi News.

The triplets had trouble breathing and doctors said they had congested chests caused by fumes from a stove the mother uses to cook in the house.

“The family is very poor I had to ask for donations for the children’s clothes when they were born and their father has been jobless since his employer closed down his business. I’m happy the police helped us get to the hospital and I’m appealing to well-wishers who can offer the father a job to help because this family is really suffering,” Muthoni said.

Kasarani OCPD Robinson Mboloi told Nairobi News the help offered by the police was part of their duty.

“We swore to protect life and property and in this case the lives of the ailing triplets was at risk as so we acted in a way that ensured they were protected,” he said.

The mother of the triplets has been troubled since their birth late December 2018.

“She had even gone to the chief’s office to seek help in raising the children and so I have been assisting them while looking for well-wishers who can give her husband a job,” Muthoni explained.

The family has an older child and had relied on the father as the sole breadwinner before his employer closed shop.