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Betty Kyallo clarifies dating younger men

Media personality Betty Kyallo has made it clear that she is not seeking a romantic relationship.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the mother of one addressed the flood of messages she received, emphasizing that she is not actively seeking a partner.

“My DM is too wild today: Ya’ll chill. I wasn’t looking or lurking… and no I can’t adopt a 23-year-old bouncing baby boy. I’m sorry: Please understand. I had fun with 200,000 + interactions but bruh it’s enough. Goodnight. Love you all,” she wrote.

The flood of direct messages followed her disclosure of recent struggles.

While not delving into details, the mother of one admitted to experiencing both peaks and valleys during this time.

In a candid social media post, Betty reflected on the rollercoaster of emotions she has endured, stating:

“I’ve gone through everything the last couple of months …. well, I think just like everyone. It’s been extreme highs and extreme lows but I always tried to keep my head above the water.”

Despite the challenges, Betty emphasized the importance of taking life one day at a time, acknowledging that this approach has become her reality.

She highlighted the value of being present for oneself and loved ones, stressing the significance of embracing life’s unpredictability.

“I’ve been thrown off balance and every other thing in between but today I’m happy. What I’ve learned in the last couple of months is that you don’t have to figure everything out. Just try and be present for yourself and whoever matters,” she shared.

Betty also expressed self-confidence and pride in her appearance, stating:

“Damn I also look so damn good. Geez UNAPOLOGETIC.”

In response to a fan’s inquiry about a potential breakup, Betty assured followers that her relationship status was no longer a concern, indicating a sense of closure on that front.

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