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BIC Donates One Million Writing Tools to Children in Kenya

BIC, a world leader in stationery, celebrates hitting a target of one million pen donations to underprivileged students in Kenya.

The donations were made as part of the Buy Me and BIC Will Donate a Pen campaign which was launched in 2020 and aimed to provide students with the necessary writing tools in the classroom.

The campaign is in line with BIC’s commitment to improving learning conditions for 250 million students by the year 2025.

Over the past three years, BIC has donated one pen to students in Kenya, for every stationery item bought in the country.

Select partners across the country supported the cause.

In 2023, BIC East Africa collaborated with CFK Africa to distribute 300,000 pens to a minimum of 150 thousand students in Kibera, as well as 24 additional informal settlements in the counties of Nairobi, Machakos, Kajiado, Nakuru, Mombasa, Kilifi, Kiambu and Kisumu. The donations were made at a handover event held at the CFK Africa offices in Nairobi in presence of company representatives and BIC spokespeople.

Commenting on the occasion, BIC East Africa Marketing Manager, Salome Ngugi, said: “One of the major challenges faced in the education space in the country is the lack of resources. Through this partnership with like-minded organization, CFK Africa, we aim to provide students with the necessary tools to succeed and empower them to reach their full potential.”
Mary Ndiba, Interim Executive Director for CFK Africa said, “Talent is universal, opportunity is not! We at CFK Africa believe that education is the only true equalizer that can be offered to children from diverse backgrounds to secure a brighter future. For the last 20 years, we have invested in access to quality education in informal settlements using a multifaceted approach to equip students not only with resources and finances, but to develop character and leadership skills as well. We are very proud to partner with BIC East Africa in the advancement of our cause”

In 2022, BIC East Africa partnered with Save the Children to donate school supplies to more than 290 thousand students.

BIC is committed to education and to supporting the communities in which it operates in. The Buy Me and BIC Will Donate a Pen campaign is one of the many education-driven initiatives run by the company. In 2022, BIC launched the first
roundtable on education, EduTalk, where private and public sector representatives came together to discuss challenges and opportunities of the education sector in Kenya.

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