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Bodaboda operators decry increased petrol prices

By Winnie Onyando September 15th, 2022 2 min read

Bodaboda operators in Nairobi have decried the increase in petrol prices.

They say the high rates will greatly affect their business as their clients might not be able to afford increased transport charges.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Peter David Owuor, 40, a bodaboda operator at Mathare North, explained many operators were struggling to make a profit even before the latest increase in petrol prices.

The father of 10 fears the new prices could make the trade unsustainable.

“I took a loan to buy this motorcycle. I use about Sh500 per day to service the loan. I have other needs and mainly have to pay rent and school fees, and feed my family. Besides, my family also has to eat. This will be a great challenge,” said Peter.

On the other hand, Muhamed Emuu, 30, argues the increased fuel prices will force him to work long and odd hours so as to make ends meet.

“I have three kids. This means I will not be able to save anything,” he says.

The comments come a day after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (Epra)

In Nairobi, Super Petrol is up by Sh20.18 and is now retailing at Sh179.30 per litre.

Diesel is up by Sh25 to retail at Sh165.00 per litre while Kerosene is up by Sh20 to retail at Sh147.94 per litre.

Epra said that although the subsidy for Super Petrol had been removed, a subsidy of Sh20.82/litre and Sh26.25/litre had been retained for Diesel and Kerosene respectively in order to cushion consumers from the high prices.

The prices are inclusive of the 8 per cent Value Added tax in line with the provisions of the Finance Act 2018, the Tax Laws (Amendment) Act 2020 and the revised rates for excise duty for inflation as per Legal Notice No.194 of 2020.

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