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Cheating husband busted after pooping in lover’s bed

A man in Bura town, Tana River County, got the beating of his life that later exposed his secret affair on Thursday morning after he pooped on his lover’s bed.

The man, only identified as Mwata, was woken up with a bucket of cold water and strokes of the cane on his back after his angry girlfriend woke up to a smelly room and the sight of faeces on her bed sheets.

Mwata is reported to have taken his lover, identified as Dorothy Mueni, on a date Wednesday night where he overindulged in alcohol. His lover took him to her house.


“We went drinking with them, he was footing the bills and had actually given the lady some money to clear bills just in case, but later on he started getting into trouble with people and that’s when the girlfriend thought it was time they leave,” one of Dorothy’s friends told Nairobi News.

The friend, who sought anonymity, said Dorothy and Mwata had been seeing each other for about four months now, despite the woman knowing the man is married to one of her clients at her salon.

The two lovebirds have been sneaking into each others house in the wee hours of the night, especially when the man’s wife has traveled up country.

At times, the man would lie to his wife that he is traveling out of town only to end up in Dorothy’s house.

Even more intriguing is that Dorothy is engaged to an Administrative Police officer who is stationed out of town.


On their night of merrymaking, Mwata is said to have been too drunk and his lover had to hire a bodaboda to take them to her house. His matrimonial house happens to be close to his lover’s house.

On Thursday, Dorothy woke up at about 4am to a strange smell in the single-room house. Upon a brief inspection, she found that the man lying on her bed like a king had pooped.

“I just heard her shout with anger, insulting the man who seemed not to be responding becauses he was fast asleep. As a friend I came out to find out what was bothering her only to see her struggling to pull a cane from the fence, “narrated the friend.

Angry Dorothy poured a bucket of cold water on the man, who woke up in shock, before she pounced on him with strokes as she called him names.

The man struggled to fight his way out as he called for help, still reeling from the effects of the previous, and fell outside the house where neighbours had already gathered.


Standing among the curious crowd of onlookers was his wife.

“She (the wife) just screamed once and was going for the salonist’s neck who upon hearing her voice ran out of the house barefeet and has since not been seen in town,” narrated another witnesses.

Sources in Bura town told Nairobi News that Mwatu’s wife was later seen boarding a bus to Garissa town together with her 12 year-old son, and a 16 year-old girl, swearing not to return.

Mwata, a civil servant, has since fled the town.

Word in town is that Dorothy’s fiancé is baying for his blood and is expected to arrive anytime to settle scores.