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‘Chief Atheist’ asked for ideas of keeping away Nairobi cold; here are the responses

The chairman of Atheists in Kenya Harrison Mumia has spurred an interesting online conversation after requesting for ideas on how a bachelor can keep warm during the cold season.

“Bachelors how are you dealing with this cold? I need ideas, imezidi,” wrote Mr Mumia.

With the onset of the cold season in Nairobi, Mumia’s post was great interest to online users who weighed in with their thoughts.

Netizens gave varied responses, with some advising him to go and find a good woman whom he can marry.

“A cup of coffee is the only solution,” wrote one online user.

“You know the good part of you is that you reach kitchen to cook… Mimi nakula kibandaski hapa, halafu nipitie pale local niteremshe beer mbili, then kama Njeri the counter girl ataitikia Leo if hayuko na sponyo, now see how I’ll fight this cold. Shida ni akatae halafu niwe sina pesa, niende kujichoma na sufuria kwangu tuu bure,” said another online user.

“Si Mmarry!!eish, Ni pesa hamna ama ni lugha?” asked another.

“Enyewe hii baridi ni too much,” commented yet another user.

“Made me text a certain lady something really embarrassing via WhatsApp, only for me to struggle deleting it,” confessed one user.

“Talking of cold where is ur samantha @harrison hehe,” asked another online user.

“Hot drinks and sleeping earlier,” advised one online user.

“Oh on bachelors, you mean women as sole companions are absent; then who said coldness and women conditional occurrences? Are those watchmen with their women guarding? Are those male patrol soldiers with the female soldiers close to them? Are those men in Turkana County single?
To me, when no duty calls to be outdoors, I will remain indoors; put on my heavy clothing, the diet will have most of starchy foods running in hot drinks! Those cold nights, I will add more blankets, two, on my usual!” commented another online user.