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Chipukeezy: Why Africans are ‘not’ welcome at BET Awards – VIDEO

It’s probably the irony of the century but it seems Africans are not very welcome at The Black Entertainment TV (BET) awards.

For years now we have heard stories of African artistes boycotting the BET Awards citing ill treatment but it seems things are not about to change.

Kenyan comedian Chipukeezy got a first hand experience of this during his tour to the United States. He got to go to the awards on invitation from his all-time idle Kevin Hart, but the outing was a bitter-sweet experience.

On one hand he got to hang out with his favorite star in the world, but on the other he experienced the discrimination that black America dishes out on Black Africa.

“We are really not so welcome there, I think it’s because they don’t really know about us there. Maybe if we celebrated our own and created our own platform here we would be as big as they are,” he says of his experience.

Back from the States and ready to thrill, Chipukeezy is already preparing for a third dishing of his one man show The Funny Truth that goes down on Friday at the Alliance Francaise.