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City mums can’t agree on sharing of children’s photos online

City mums have reignited the debate of parents exposing the faces of their children on social media.

In a Facebook group, a concerned mother posted how her house help had uploaded her child’s photo on WhatsApp.

The mother mentioned how the house help is very close to the baby

She asked her fellow mums to advice whether she should warn her not to share the baby’s photos again.

Mothers were torn on whether uploading a child’s photo online is safe or not.

One wrote; “I have just come from a school meeting where the guest speaker is an ICT practitioner speaking on issues of parenting and ICT. his advice is that is that people should be careful on what you put out to the open arena of social media coz u don’t know who will come across your images and what they can do with them. Yes as parents be proud of your kids but with limits..internet does not forget.”

Another commented; “Wamama wengine wana upusi….. You mean putting the pic as her prof is more dangerous than leaving her with your kids for the whole day???? Unafaa kufurahia sana she loves that kid….. Mama always think positive and pray….. Wengine hata hawapendi kuitwa auntie ama kujulikana ni DM… picha tu inalete nyenyenye? My DM is like my kid sis I love her so much since 2014 to date.”


A mother stated; “It’ depends with an individual and also how you two are. Personally my children are not on social media so no one is allowed to put them there. But she has them occasionally on her phone screen. She loves them and takes good care of them so I don’t mind.”

Another advised; “I always pray to get a lady who will love my kids just as her own. Be open with her, tell her you basically don’t like your kids to be displayed on social media. If it’s someone who is clean, she will apologise and respect that. If it’s someone with an intention she will act weird. If you don’t talk to her and maybe fire her you might get the devil herself. Plus pray, believe and some of the evil thoughts would never cross your mind.”

A user retorted; “Women!women…. A picture should be the least of your problems… And think outside the box….she ain’t hiding the fact that the baby is on her profile pic….imagine if she wanted to do something to the baby…. A real baby that u leave her with….and you all here throwing tantrums…..someone explain to me like a 2 year old….if dm puts the pic as profile pic….what’s the worst that will happen…from just a picture.”

Another user answered; “Do you put your employer’s kids as your profile picture? If yes, sawa.”

A mum wrote; “Na hii rate watoto wanaibiwa posting my kid is a no….kwanza house help anapost kwanI wewe mwenyewe labda hujawai post…nimekataa hio.”

Another added; “One year 2months later am yet to display my baby’s pictures on social media so if I can’t then anyone else shouldn’t am the parent I get to decide.”