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Court dismisses Okiya Omtatah’s case on new bank notes

By Sam Kiplagat September 27th, 2019 1 min read

The court has dismissed a case by activist Okiya Omtatah and MP Simon Mbugua, challenging the new banknotes.

Judges Kanyi Kimondo and Arsenath Ongeri said the petition lacks merit. Justice Anthony Mrima wrote a dissenting opinion.

The High Court ruled that Mzee Kenyatta’s portrait in the new generation currency notes is part of KICC.

Justices Kanyi and Ongeri ruled that although the image as appearing in the notes is bigger than KICC, the portrait is part of KICC.

Regarding they images on the back of some notes, the Judges said they are unidentifiable individuals and therefore do not offend the constitution.

The judges have further ruled that Central Bank of Kenya reasonably involved the public in the process and the our months notice was reasonable.