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Cry for help as pupil sodomised by father in city slum

Six books and sweets worth Sh20. That is what a father reportedly gave his 10-year-old son after sodomising him and leaving him in need of an operation to remove his scrotum.

The Standard Four pupil at a city school had been sent home by his teacher to get exercise books.

“He came to the place where I was selling charcoal. I told him to go home since I did not have money to buy the books,” says his mother, who separated with her husband three years ago.

The boy decided to go to his father’s house and ask him to buy him the books.


“He did not find his father and so he started looking for him. He met him at a chang’aa den,” she says.

The woman says she learnt later that when they met, the man sodomised his son before asking a friend to buy him books and sweets worth Sh20. He then asked the boy not to tell anyone about the ordeal, promising to give him Sh100 the next day.

“When I arrived home in the evening, I found the boy crying. I asked him what was wrong and he said he had stomach ache,” she says. She gave him pain killers and asked him to sleep.

“In the morning, the boy was accompanied to school by his elder sister, who is in Standard Eight. In the evening, his sister told me he had been crying the whole day, and that he had been walking in an unusual manner.”


She says the boy later confessed to their neighbour that his father had sodomised him. When they examined his private parts, they discovered he had smelly wounds, and he was bleeding.

“We took him to a nearby chemist, but they asked us to take him to Mama Lucy Hospital. Doctors treated him and asked us to report the matter to police.”

They reported the matter to a chief in Kariobangi and the man was arrested. He was kept in cells for two days and then released on police bond of Sh10,000.

“Since January, the man has been mocking us as I take the boy to several hospitals. My son has never healed. He has never gone to school because he cannot walk,” she says.

“After several visits to Mama Lucy, the doctor said the boy needed specialised treatment. He sent us to Nairobi Women’s Hospital, where they said he needed an operation to remove some parts of his reproductive system because they were septic. The amount needed is too high, and I cannot afford it because I am jobless,” she says.

Buruburu DCIO Jeremiah Ikiao said the man was re-arrested and arraigned in court on Friday.