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Diamond hits back at Kenyan pastor’s ‘womanizer’ allegations

Tanzanian music sensation Diamond Platnumz has responded to recent remarks by a Kenyan pastor that labeled him a womanizer, igniting a public spat that highlights the intersection of celebrity and moral judgment.

Kenyan preacher Ezekiel Odero alluded that the artist is known for impregnating women without marrying them.

In response, Diamond Platnumz swiftly took to social media, stating, “Alafu mjinga mmoja anasema eti nimerogwa, (And then one fool says that I’ve been bewitched)” indirectly referring to the pastor’s accusations.

Diamond’s choice of words appeared to indicate his disregard for such allegations.

The exchange didn’t end there, as a fan engaged Diamond, attributing the alleged behavior to his reported promiscuity, the fan stated, “Kaka unapenda ngono sana hicho ndicho kimekuteka. (Brother, you really enjoy sex; that’s what has captured you.)”

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The Bongo heartthrob then humorously justified his actions by referencing the biblical command to “fill the earth,” suggesting that his actions were in line with this directive.

In a twist of irony, Diamond had previously announced his intention to tie the knot this year, promising a new chapter of marital commitment.

He proclaimed, “Mwaka huu kama Wasafi tumeamua wote tusiokuwa na ndoa kuoa. (This year, as Wasafi, we have collectively decided that all of us who are unmarried will get married.)”

He humorously detailed different wedding scenarios within the Wasafi family, acknowledging the societal pressure and the multiple options they were considering.

However, critics and fans alike seem skeptical of these promises, as the artist’s past engagements have not materialized into marriage ceremonies.

The singer’s relationship with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan in 2017 and his later declaration to wed Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna in 2019 both failed to culminate in weddings.

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