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Diamond Platnumz breaks silence following split with Zuchu

In the whirlwind of celebrity relationships, the latest storm has struck the music industry as renowned artist Diamond Platnumz and his lover Zuchu officially part ways.

Speculation about cracks in their relationship surfaced when Diamond was spotted in a cozy moment with his baby mama, Zari Hassan, igniting rumors of trouble in paradise.

The pair, who were once seen as the epitome of romance, were recently captured walking hand in hand in a viral video, stirring curiosity among fans.

However, Zuchu broke the silence, issuing a statement confirming the split.

In her heartfelt declaration, she hinted at a lack of respect in their relationship and expressed her desire to move forward, emphasizing that they would only maintain a professional connection.

“I had to post this to clear my conscious. From today, Naseeb and I are not together. I know this has been our thing but as hard as it is leaving someone you truly love, I am praying to God that this will be the last time and that I start a new life. Love is respect and by bad luck that has missed us,” Zuchu shared in a video addressing the situation.

Diamond Platnumz, on the other hand, confirmed the split, expressing his heartbreak and soliciting empathy from fans.

In a candid admission, he disclosed feeling overwhelmed by the breakup and sought solace in the support of his followers.

“Basi bwana wadau, ndio kama mlivyosikia matikiti yamenidondokea….Hivyo nahitaji sana huruma na ukaribu wenu kipindi hiki cha ujane wangu, ili walau kupata nguvu na faraja kwenye kipindi hiki kigumu,” Diamond wrote.

(“So my friends, as you have heard, the watermelons have fallen on me…. Therefore, I greatly need your compassion and closeness during this period of my loneliness, so that I may at least find strength and comfort in this difficult time.”)

Despite the confirmation of the split, neither Diamond nor Zuchu disclosed the precise reasons behind their separation, leaving fans to speculate about the intricacies of their relationship.

Meanwhile, the aftermath of Diamond’s viral moment with Zari Hassan stirred intrigue regarding her marriage to Shakib Lutaaya.

Cryptic messages posted by Shakib prompted speculation about potential troubles in their relationship, with netizens noticing the removal of each other’s photos from their social media accounts.

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