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Diamond’s sister arrested for selling fake cosmetics

There seems to be no end in sight to the tribulations of family and close associates of celebrated Bongo flava artiste Diamond Platnumz following revelation of his sister’s recent arrest.

The revelation comes in the wake of the arrest of Diamond’s manager Babu Tale earlier in the week for defaulting payment of a Sh11 million debt.

It has now emerged that musician’s elder sister Esma Khan spent Saturday night in a police cell after being found in possession of fake cosmetics.

According to media reports, Esma, who was born of the same mother to Diamond but from a different father – was arrested and detained at Mabatini police station in Dar es Salaam after she was nabbed by Tanzanian Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA) for selling cosmetics that have been banned for being harmful to consumers.

It has been reported that Esma was ambushed by the TFDA officers around 9pm at her saloon situated in Sinza, where she was found in possession of the banned cosmetics that she had been selling to her clients knowingly and without having proper documentation.

After the arrest the TFDA officers took her to Mabatini police station where she was locked up. On receiving the news, her mother, Sandra Kassim, accompanied by her son-in-law Petite man (Esma’s husbanda) rushed to the police station to try and secure her release.



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However, the police turned down their pleas leading to a heating verbal exchange between the two parties.

It has been reported that one of the police officers told Sandra that they were not going to let go off Esma even if she summoned his famous son Diamond to come and help, not unless the TFDA authorised the release.

“Hapa leo hatoki mtu, hata umuite Diamond, sisi hatuwezi kumuachia mwanao mpaka tupewe amri na maofisa wa TFDA waliomkamata,” one of the police officers was heard saying.

With the exchange of words escalating, the policemen threatened to throw Diamond’s mother into the cell as well if she continued pestering them.

Sandra eventually calmed down but would end up spending the night at the cell until the following morning when her daughter was released.

By that time a case (number KJM/RB/4427/2018) had already been filed against Esma, who will now be compelled to appear in court.