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DJ Tadgue accuses some female DJs of using sex to get lucrative gigs

By Hilary Kimuyu November 2nd, 2019 2 min read

It has long been rumored that female DJs use sex to secure lucrative gigs but most people in the industry are not brave enough to talk openly about it.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, Dennis Mutinda aka DJ Tadgue has revealed that behind some of some glamorous IG posts is a dirty truth.

The self-proclaimed king of mashups, says he is speaking up in the hope of giving guidance to upcoming female DJs.

According to the DJ there are female DJs who can’t spin to save their lives, but always get events and live lavish lifestyles.

“One time I was playing at a popular club and I bumped into a guy who gave me the full details. He was the sponsor of a popular female DJ and he showed me evidence that he was financing her lavish lifestyle. As we speak, she has moved on from that guy despite all the money he invested in her and from her posts, she seems to be doing very well,” said the Dj.

Tadgue did not name the said DJ for legal reasons but claims it’s a common trend in today’s industry.

The mixmaster has also revealed that honest hardworking female DJs struggle to get gigs because they refuse to show skin on their IG.

“I have a sister and nieces who look up to me and honestly I wouldn’t want them to be used by people like that. Everyone knows these things are happening but no one speaks up and it’s our small sisters who end up looking up to these female DJs and eventually end up in the same boat,” he adds.

His advice’s upcoming female Dj’s to earn their stripes and contribute to the growth of the art, instead of seeking cheap thrills for the sake of social media likes.