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DP Ruto splashes Sh200K to buy bread for schoolboys – VIDEO

Deputy President William Ruto was in his usual generous over the weekend when he handed out Sh200, ooo to schoolboys at Nyangwa Boys School students for bread.

Mr Ruto said he wanted the boys to enjoy some bread as he handed out an envelope full of cash.

He had visited the school during a tour in Embu county.

The students cheered as the DP made the announcement that came shortly after a student leader had welcomed him to the school.

A video of the moment Mr Ruto announced his donation has been shared online, eliciting mixed reactions.

Funke Fatai commented; “Geeze this guy is rich Sanaa.”

Calystus Murunga wrote; “That’s our money.”

David G explained; “Simple 200000/50=4000 breads approx pop of nyangwa boys 1000, so each @ 4 loafs. Each loaf contains 12slices so 12*4=48. Each student is served 4slices per day so its bread for 1wk and a half week. #Now for those so generous #How many have you fed and for how many days?”

Edgar stated; “This is Moi leadership reincarnated.”

Gen Agoi added; “The guy having worked with Moi thinks that it can work in the present Kenya, Ng’ooooooo Ruto.”