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DPP rushes to the rescue of woman who was battered by her boyfriend

The desperate plea for help by a woman in an abusive relationship has been heard by the Director of Public Prosecutions office (DPP).

The woman by the name Lydia Kemunto attracted public empathy after she posted pictures of her bloodied face and scalp with patches of hair following a brutal assault by her boyfriend over the weekend.


The woman also claimed that the boyfriend, whom she has identified as Neville Jakababa, has been repeatedly assaulting her and that she has already filed a report with the police.

“My name is Lydia Kemunto. I have been in an abusive relationship for the past 6 months. I have been brutally beaten by my boyfriend on 3 occasions and the most recent one happened on Saturday. The guy’s name is Neville Jakababa. I reported to Industrial Area Police,” she wrote on social media.

Following Kemunto’s plea, the DPP has now assured the public that they are taking all necessary steps to help her.


On Wednesday the DPP’s office said they had contacted the victim.

“We have been able to get in touch with the victim. All necessary legal steps shall be taken to ensure justice is done,” DPP said in a tweet.

A majority of people who saw the pictures and read Kemunto’s message are however calling for the suspect’s arrest.