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Dzadddy! Former Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho flaunts luxury Sh100k shoes

Popularly known as ‘001’, former Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho continues to make waves with his extravagant lifestyle.

The ex-county boss was recently captured donning a pair of shoes reportedly worth Sh100,000, showcasing his unapologetic passion for opulence.

Hassan Joho has long been associated with a flair for the finer things in life, unapologetically indulging in luxury.

His collection of exquisite shoes could rival the most upscale boutiques, and every step he takes is a testament to his discerning taste.

Joho is renowned for making a statement with every stride he takes, each footfall a mark of his refined preferences.

In a recent video that surfaced on his TikTok account, Joho was seen elegantly sporting a pair of black Men’s Black Alpha Male Patent Loafers, notably from the renowned brand Christian Louboutin, famed for its signature red bottoms.

According to the brand’s official page, the luxurious footwear is valued at approximately $649, which equates to around Sh93,715.60.

The video not only showcased Joho’s exquisite taste in footwear but also offered a glimpse into his luxurious lifestyle.

After stepping into his high-end pair of shoes, the former governor effortlessly transitioned into his equally lavish Mercedes-Benz GLS 600.



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In October, 2022 a photo of the politician adorning a luxurious Richard Mille timepiece took the internet by storm.

This particular watch is valued between an estimated Sh32 million and Sh45 million, depending on the specific version he chose.

As per information from the watchmakers themselves, this timepiece was introduced in 2007 through a partnership with former Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa.

Celebrities like French Montana, Jay Z, Jose Mourinho, and even Floyd Mayweather have been observed donning various iterations of this watch, which has evolved into a symbol of status and prestige.

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