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Elani’s Maureen is unrecognisable after shedding 16 kgs – VIDEO

Maureen Kunga, one of the singers in musical group Elani, has detailed her weight loss journey that has seen her lose 16 kilogrammes in two years with minimal workout.

The singer started by changing her diet after her heavy eight affected her performance as an artiste and self-esteem.

Kunga detailed her journey in a vlog explaining how scared she was while starting out.

“I took the one thing which was appearance and made it me without understanding that it was just one thing about me and that there was so much to me,” she said.


She struggled with her resolve to lose weight that first crossed her mind in 2016 but finally took control of her lifestyle.

“I’m starting to work out a lot more now because working out wasn’t even something that I was willing to do because I was so ashamed to be in the gym, this fat girl in the gym who can’t do a quarter of the things other people are doing,” she detailed.

Kunga started out by changing her entire diet and it was the one thing that drove away the 16kgs.

The singer will now be sharing her healthy life choices as she strives to lose more weight.