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EXCLUSIVE: Brown Mauzo to grace Vera Sidika’s ‘homecoming’

Vera Sidika will make a triumphant comeback to Kenya on October 15, 2023, after a five-week holiday in the United States.

Sources close to the glamorous star say her arrival will be a family affair.

An insider whispered to Nairobi News that the socialite will be welcomed at the airport by her family and friends, all eagerly awaiting her return in a luxurious limousine.

Among those set to pick her up is her husband, Brown Mauzo, who plans to make her reentry extra special.

“You know she lied they broke up, Mauzo will be there but he might not be seen on camera for obvious reasons.”

The heartwarming reunion at the airport will see Vera embraced by her mother, her brothers, and her two children, all expressing their joy at her safe return.

Amidst swirling rumors of her relationship status, the insider cleared the air, affirming that Vera and Mauzo are still very much together.

While the socialite has sparked intrigue by introducing a new alleged “bae” online, it appears this is simply for showbiz.

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According to the source, Vera’s primary commitment is to her enduring marriage with Mauzo.

The high-profile homecoming will be nothing short of a spectacle, as Vera Sidika is also using the opportunity to shoot the first episode of the eagerly anticipated second season of “The Real Housewives of Nairobi.”

This reality show has garnered a dedicated following, offering viewers a glimpse into the socialite’s opulent lifestyle and her day-to-day activities.

The source further divulged that Vera has extended invitations to prominent bloggers to help document her return and capture the essence of this significant moment.

Vera Sidika’s grand entrance promises to be an event to remember.

On August 30,  2023, Vera Sidika and her partner, Brown Mauzo, allegedly parted ways, as detailed in Mauzo’s heartfelt Instagram post.

He said their separation was a mutually agreed-upon decision, and Mauzo emphasized that, though they were parting, both would cherish the moments they shared.

However, he did not divulge whether they had discussed co-parenting and other post-split arrangements.