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Exclusive: Chipukeezy’s take on Ruto’s newly acquired taste for Kaunda suits

President William Ruto has lately acquired a taste for designer Kaunda suits of different shades, leaving no doubt in the minds of Kenyans that this is now his signature fashion statement.

The President appeared in his first Kaunda suit on June 11, 2023, during a State visit to Djibouti. It didn’t go unnoticed. Since then, his unique fashion sense has been trending and inspiring others, including celebrities, to adopt the same style.

President William Ruto during the Interdenominational Thanksgiving Service, Nyanturago, Kisii County. PHOTO | PCS

One such figure is comedian Chipukeezy, who, in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, expressed his admiration for President Ruto’s fashion choice.

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“It (Kaunda suit) was inspired by our president, and it is also a very comfortable outfit for official duties. I loved it, and because I am not a suit person, when President Ruto started wearing it, I started seeing its value. I look at him like a champion. I will be wearing them more often,” Chipukeezy said.

In Kenya, it is customary for leaders to establish signature looks.

President William Ruto addresses residents of Kariara village in Nyeri County after he commissioned Ichamara-Rutune road on August 7, 2023. PHOTO | JOSEPH KANYI

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta, for example, was known for his preference for locally made African print shirts supplied by Rivatex, while former President Mwai Kibaki rarely deviated from his business suits.

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Fashion accessories have also played a role in the fashion identity of Kenyan leaders.

Kenya’s second president, the late Daniel arap Moi, was never seen without his iconic ‘Fimbo ya Nyayo,’ while the nation’s founding president, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, often adorned his outfits with a distinctive hat.

The Kenyan public has been quick to notice President Ruto’s newly acquired fashion taste, and it has become a topic of public discussion.

President William Ruto, Deputy President Rigathi speaks during an interdenominational prayer service in Bungoma County. PHOTO | PCS

On Twitter, one user, Omwamba, humorously asked, “How many Kaunda suits does Ruto own?”

Another user, Mosoti, playfully responded, “Too many.”

Other public figures who have recently embraced the Kaunda suit include comedian Mulamwah and journalist Stephen Letoo,

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