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Exclusive: Why I settled in Kenya – Mr Nice

Legendary Tanzanian musician Mr Nice relocated to Kenya in 2020 after spending two years in Uganda.

The bongo star opened a recording studio in Machakos County, where he currently produces music.

In 2018, Mr Nice allegedly moved to Uganda after he claimed that Tanzanians mocked him.

He then expressed his strong feelings on Instagram, saying he preferred staying where he made money even as his countrymen trolled his choices.

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He questioned whether Tanzanians preferred that he stay home so that they could keep laughing at him as poverty knocked on his door.

“Or do you (Tanzanians) prefer I stay home so you keep laughing at me? That is not appropriate, our President (now late) John Magufuli urges us to continue working hard and stop gossiping,” Mr Nice said.

Mr Nice, speaking to Nairobi News, said he has since settled in Kenya since that is where his family comes from. He added that he does not regret being in Kenya and nobody can question him about that.

“My family is in Kenya and also in Tanzania,” he said, adding that he respects both countries.

Mr Nice is married to a Kenyan wife who works as a doctor in Australia. When she comes home for holidays, they split their time between Tanzania and Kenya, and sometimes he also goes to Australia.

“I thank Kenyans for accommodating and loving me that much. I have not fought or gone against the laws that govern the country. I respect it just as I do my Tanzanian government,” he said.

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Speaking about his legacy, Mr Nice said life is the greatest wealth everyone owns regardless of their condition.

“We should respect being peaceful and our lives and other people’s lives. You might want to die but don’t hurt those who are still enjoying their lives,” he said.

Mr Nice added that his message was not just for musicians but everyone, including politicians.

“The rest of things [about life] is God who knows about us,” he said.

He is known for his unique voice and style that blends genres such as Bongo Flava and Reggae.

Despite facing challenges in his career, Mr Nice remains a force to be reckoned with in the East African music scene.

He has released numerous hits and collaborated with other famous musicians such as Diamond Platnumz, Lady Jaydee, and Ali Kiba.

As he continues his musical journey in Kenya, fans eagerly await new hits from the iconic musician.

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