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Ezekiel Mutua flirting with TV presenter leaves tongues wagging

Ezekiel Mutua, the Chief Executive Officer of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya, left tongues wagging when he complimented the beauty of KTN Home’s television presenter Claudia Naisabwa, a content creator and a member of the defunct Talanta Hela Council, during a past Talanta Hela event.

In the viral video seen by Nairobi News on Tuesday, July 25, 2023, Mr Mutua was seen interacting with a jovial Ms Naisabwa and comedian MC Jessy when he told the young lady that her beauty could save Kenya’s economy.

“I just gave a statement that your beauty can save our economy. Your beauty is not being taxed…,” said Mr Mutua amid hearty laughter.

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MC Jessy joined him in breaking down in laughter as they interacted on the sidelines of the Talanta Hela event in which Ms Naisabwa appeared to be an MC as well.

Ezekiel Mutua’s praising another woman’s beauty in the viral video and mentioning taxes in relation to Ms Naisabwa’s beauty can be traced back to the Kenya Kwanza’s government to tax beauty products in Kenya to increase the government’s revenue.

Ms Naisabwa’s look was enhanced with a wig and makeup- products among which the government wanted to tax 5% especially on wigs (such as the one Ms Naisabwa had on) and fake eyelashes among others.

Had it been taxed, her expenditure would have added to the government’s kitty. However, they failed to include this new tax in the Finance Act 2023.

This flirtatious interaction between the trio left many divided on how the two men, especially Mr Mutua, behaved around Ms Naissabwa.

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Nairobi News sampled some of their reactions below:

“😂🤣. …an insult coated in a sarcastic joke. Like she has nothing else going on apart from her looks??? What happened to ‘you look absolutely fabulous’ , or ‘you look amazing and I like the dress’?” asked Jude Wanyoike.

“Yeah, we can sell her at a cost and inject the money to the Treasury…. I propose 5 billion 🤣🤣🤣🤣,” added Edwin Gor.

“Out of order,” opined Sam Sammir.

“Jokers in the name of government,” added Anthony Macharia.

“Hii imeenda (this one has been taken), pocket wife she has become!” claimed Kevin Odiwuor.

As some opined that Mr Mutua was probably eyeing Ms Naisabwa for other reasons, it is important to note that Mr Mutua is married and has two children with his wife. On the other hand, it is not known if Ms Naisabwa is currently dating but a while back, she was linked to Kenyan musician Ndove Kuu.

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Watch Claudia and Ndovu Kuu acting cute and lit in this TikTok video:


@ndovukuu ❤️#claudianaisabwa

♬ original sound – Ndovukuu

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