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Fallout: Mr Seed reveals why he quit BFF Bahati’s record label

By RAJAB ZAWADI February 1st, 2019 1 min read

Kenyan musician Mr Seed has ditched his friend Kevin Bahati’s nascent record label, EMB Records.

In a long social media post on Tuesday, Mr Seed announced that his decision to quit EMB Records after two years was for personal growth and to create room for other upcoming artistes.

Controversial gospel singer Ringtone had earlier claimed in a video posted on his social media that Mr Seed had told him he quit EMB after Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua, called the police on his (Seed’s) heavily pregnant fiancé Nimo Gachuri following a business disagreement between them.


When reached on phone to clarify Ringtones claims, Mr Seed neither denied nor confirmed.

“Concerning this story, you are a writer go about it as you deem fit,” said Mr Seed.

Pressed further, Mr Seed asked to be contacted later in the day as he was busy at the time of the call.

When contacted, he did not pick the calls and did not reply to the message sent to him.

He would later take to his Instagram posting a picture of himself kissing Nimo’s baby bump and gave more hints why he left EMB, suggesting a rift between him and Bahati.

“I respect her so much and if have never disrespected her no one can do that. Never allow anyone friends or whoever disrespect your woman kwanza when she’s carrying your baby so wrong,” wrote Mr Seed.