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Farid’s aunt opens lid on turbulent relationship with Ruth Kamande – VIDEO

An aunt of the man whose death earned Ruth Kamande a death sentence on Thursday has opened the lid on the turbulent relationship the two had before he died in 2015.

Emma Wanjiku says her nephew Farid Mohamed, who died aged 24 after being stabbed 25 times by Ruth, was in an on-and-off relationship with his would-be killer.

Speaking moments after High Court judge Jessie Lessit sent Ruth to the gallows for her macabre murder, Ms Wanjiku also described the relationship between the two as one-sided.

“It was an on and off relationship, and as the judge mentioned, the defendant was very controlling, aggressive, never-let-go, jealous,” she said. “She was just too controlling and kept following him.”

Expressing happiness for the judge’s verdict that Ruth had to hang for her crime, Ms Wanjiku also revisited details of the knife used to kill Mr Mohamed.


“She brought the weapon probably a day or two before,” she said.

The aunt added: “She did what she wanted to do — just destroy him, even when they were asking her at the window, ‘stop!’ she did not stop. And even if she stopped, she continued again, as the judge mentioned.”

From Ms Wanjiku’s interview, it emerged that the Mr Mohamed had been raised by his extended family — with his grandfather being his main benefactor.

“His grandfather was looking forward to him marrying some day, having children. I, his aunt, was hoping he would come and visit us in Canada where we live. He never got a chance,” said Ms Wanjiku.

“He had done schooling even with great effort. And he wanted a good life for himself. He was just establishing himself. As a matter of fact, when he moved to his place, it was brand,” she added.

The judge said Ruth did not have remorse while butchering Mr Mohamed.

“She stabbed the deceased 25 times, and not in quick succession but rather spaced out as if savouring it in pleasure,” she said.