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Father of city lawyer killed in hail of bullets falls ill – PHOTOS

March 8th, 2019 2 min read

Slain city lawyer Robert Chesang’s father fell sick soon after receiving news of his son’s gruesome murder three weeks ago.

Mr Chesang’ Kiptala, 75, was hospitalised for several days after receiving news that his son, an advocate, had been gunned down by armed men at his Lukenya home in Machakos County.

Mr Chesang’, 45, was shot dead on February 17 in his house at Moke Gardens by gunmen who later escaped.

When the Nation visited his father’s home in Kalabata village in Baringo North sub-county on Wednesday, locals had assembled at the compound to condole with the family and prepare for his burial on March 16.

Mr Chesang’ Kiptala is carried by neighbours at his home in Kalabata village in Baringo North sub-county on March 7, 2019. PHOTO | FLORA KOECH


Since his son’s death, Mr Kiptala has not been able to walk and has to be carried from one spot to another by neighbours.

He told the Nation that he had been hard hit by the demise of his son who was sole family breadwinner. He said he had been admitted to the Baringo County Referral Hospital for five days.

“I am yet to come to terms with the death of my son who used to provide for me with virtually everything ranging from food to clothing. I heard the news from a relative that he had been shot dead in his house in Machakos but I don’t know why he had to be killed,” said Mr Kiptala amid coughs.

He said the death has dealt a big blow to the entire family.

“My body became weak some few days after the death of my son. I could not talk, go for long and short calls and my children had to take me to Kabarnet Hospital,” he said.

Mr Kiptala now demands justice for his slain son.

“I am demanding that those behind the killing of my son be put behind bars. As I speak I don’t know where he will be buried, if it is his home in Machakos or in the village,” said the distraught father.

Priscah Chesang, a sister to the deceased said that her brother’s death also led to their father’s sickness.

“We were yet to come to terms with the loss of our brother only for our father to fall sick. We found our father in a pathetic state, we had to rush him to Kabarnet where he was hospitalised for five days,” said Ms Chesang’.



She said that her father has been discharged and her brother’s burial plans are ongoing.

“Our father has been discharged to allow us go home and plan for the burial. We are expected to take him back (to hospital) for an operation. Those behind our brother’s killing should pay for their sins,” she added.

The city lawyer was killed after two assailants went to the estate and tied up the guard before proceeding to his house.

According to police, the deceased peeped through the window when one of the men knocked at his door. Crime scene investigators found seven spent cartridges with three bullet wounds to his chest.

A post mortem examination has revealed that the lawyer died of excessive bleeding.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) has arrested his estranged wife Pauline Maisy Omungala Chesang’, who is a Magistrate in Nyeri, and a serving and former police officer.