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Fathermoh: Why I left Gengetone group, Mbuzi Gang

Gengetone artist Fathermoh says his relationship with members of the popular Mbuzi Gang group he was part of is now strained.

Fathermoh walked out of the Gengetone group to grow his career and establish himself as a brand, leaving the group with its initial founders Joefes and iPhoolish.

His act of going solo didn’t sit well with the two, and Fathermoh confesses that their brotherhood is no longer there.

“I didn’t join Mbuzi Gang to make my career as part of a group. Actually it’s circumstances that had me join the group which was already alive. That’s why I always felt bad when people used to refer to me as Mbuzi Gang,” he said.

When Fathermoh established contact with Joefes and requested if they could work together, it wasn’t possible because Joefes at the time was a signee of the Black Market Label, and so was iPhoolish.

“So for us to work together I had to sign with Black Market and that’s how I joined Mbuzi Gang.”

However, over time, Fathermoh says he felt his creativity was being limited working as part of a group and wanted to do his own thing as a solo artiste.

“At first, it wasn’t easy to do projects on my own, but because the management saw my ambition and zeal and the fact that I was releasing hits, the contract was amended to allow me to work as a solo artist,” he explained.

This led to him embarking on solo projects, and in the process, he alienated himself from Mbuzi Gang.

“I am not sure we are okay, yes we do talk but not as we used to. Sometime we catch up but most are the times we don’t. I think we are just okay.”

With Fathermoh leaving Mbuzi Gang, nothing much has been heard of the group; however, he is quick to defend their silence.

“They have so many good songs that are yet to be released. They have been working on an album which perhaps explains their silence, unlike me who prefers releasing records back to back.”