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Five ways to have a cheap but fun Christmas

The festive season is here and as much as we all want to travel and enjoy with family and friends, moderation is key to ensuring you don’t start the coming year on the wrong foot. So here is how you can still enjoy the festivities within budget:

  1. Plan early

The festive season is definite and will never come as a surprise so start planning early on where you wish to spend your holiday. Booking tickets and resorts weeks in advance ensures you don’t get caught up in the holiday price hikes. Planning early also gives you a chance to dedicate the required funds in advance hence not strenuous to the January budget.

  1. Enjoy within your means

If your yearly income can only allow a local destination holiday don’t kill yourself trying to fly out of the country. Discussing early with your spouse on your joint income as well as the amount set aside annually for family holidays will ensure you make an informed decision.

  1. Stay within the country

Even when you are able to afford it, being different saves you a lot of cash. Why not go on that holiday to Mauritius when everybody else is in the country? End of year holidays are often for the many people who probably will have no other chance to be together as a family. Try obtaining similar leave days with your spouse that match your children’s school holidays calendar and travel outside during that time when everyone is busy as work.

  1. DIY gifts

Instead of walking into expensive shops to purchase that designer gift item, why not customise one at home? You might be surprised at how a locally made, actually homemade gift will excite your family because as they keep saying, ‘it is the thought that counts.’

  1. Emphasise on creating memories

The best memories are least expensive to create and so instead of looking at where you will be during the holidays, look at what activity you will undertake. A walk along a river bank may seem boring but you will be surprised how it may turn out to be the best time for you and your spouse to just review your lives together.