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Former ‘Auntie Boss’ actress blasts ex-hubby for claiming money broke their marriage

By THOMAS MATIKO January 23rd, 2019 1 min read

Former Auntie Boss actress Nyce Wanjeri alias ‘Shiro’ has blasted his ex-husband Titus Wagithomo for claiming their nine year marriage broke down after she started making big money.

November last year, a frustrated Wagithomo took to his Facebook account to announce that their marriage had come to an end after almost a decade.

Wagithomo would then delete the post and would later state that they were trying to fix their marriage.

In the post, Wagithomo alluded that the cause of all the trouble in their relationship started immediately when Nyce’s acting career got to another level.

This was after Nyce voted the Best Actress in the 2018 AMVCA Award in the Comedy Category and she started attracting lucrative endorsement deals.


However, while addressing the issue for the first time, Nyce dismissed ex hubby’s claims, stating that Wagithomo had become so disrespectful to her, something she couldn’t stand.

“I would say that there was disrespect… there are a lot of issues I’m not ready to talk about but the first one was disrespect among other things. A lot of people handled it depending on how he (Wagithomo) posted it and blamed it on my success but that is not true, money comes and goes, material things are nothing. The most important thing in a relationship is love and respect,” Nyce said in a recent radio interview.

In the nine years they were together, the two were blessed with one child. Their marriage was however not official, according to Shiro, who in a past interview said Titus never proposed to her properly in the nine years they were together.