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Former TPF star who has been homeless rescued, taken to hospital

By Hilary Kimuyu November 18th, 2020 2 min read

On Tuesday, news of former Tusker Project Fame (TPF) contestant, David Ogola, who is popularly known as David Major emerged on how he had fallen from grace to grass.

Pictures of the talented vocalist who has been homeless for a while were shared on social media with the singer looking frail and dirty along Mirema Drive in Roysambu.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Alvan Gatitu, a fellow TPF star, said they picked him up and took him to hospital to receive medical care.

“We got a hold of him and first we had to take him to hospital where he is currently and we will only be able to see him later in the day because as protocal dictates, he had to undergo a Covid-19 test before he can he transferred to a rehab,” he said.

He added that a team of physicians and psychiatrists are looking after him.

He thanked those who highlighted his story and hoped that he will get better.

He revealed that they managed to reunite him with his sister who had been looking for him for the last four years.

The singer was among the top contestants of season 2 of the East African reality singing competition, which was sponsored by Tusker Lager, which produced some of the best artistes in the region.

However, it also left most of its participants unable to live with the expectations of their fans, forcing some to quit their ambitions in music altogether.

After his heroics at TPF, David went back to school to complete his studies and later disappeared from the public eye leaving his fans oblivious of what he was up to with his life.

The last time he was seen in the limelight was five years ago when he uploaded his last music video on Youtube.

Gatitu added that his friends and family were working on a plan to ensure that he had something to fall back to once he recovers.

“We will set up an M-Changa account for because at the moment he has no idea of where his documents are, we would have preferred to get a paybill number which is easier. We will share it with the media and also on social media so that people of goodwill can help him,” he said.

David is the son of the late author Margaret Ogola, famous for the novel The River and The Source, which was once used as a high school set book.

Dr Ogola succumbed to cancer in 2011. She was a medical doctor, a human rights advocate and an award-winning author.

David’s case is just one of the many cases where people use social media for good.

In July 2020, his friend Alvan revealed that he had to spend a night in the cold after his landlord locked him out of his house over rent arrears.

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When his video went viral, Kenyans came to his rescue and contributed by sending money to his Mpesa. He managed to get back on his feet and is helping those in need.

Tusker Project Fame aired for 5 seasons. The first episode was in October 2006 and the last episode ended in December 2013.