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Georgina Njenga commends Baha for active fatherhood despite their breakup

Content creator Georgina Njenga has publicly acknowledged the commendable parenting efforts of her ex-partner, Tyler Mbaya aka Baha, despite their separation.

Baha recently shared a heartwarming photo featuring his grandmother and their daughter Astra Nyambura, named after his late mother, expressing his joy at the precious “grandma and granddaughter” moment.

“Granda & Mama,” he captioned the photo.

To which Georgina responded with several eye-heart emojis.

Tyler also commended Georgina for her progress in dealing with their relationship and family circumstances.

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“Guys I’m so proud of myself yani if I decide to talk you can’t understand at 22 I’ve faced and accepted a lot you all would never accept in your 30s or older. So glad I met me this year,” Georgina said while teasing a new YouTube video.

“Anyway new YouTube video on Tuesday you all don’t know a lot, but I’ll let you know Tyler Mbaya, I’m so proud that you are a present dad always proud. I lacked a father figure, and I know you are there for Nyambu,” she continued.

Tyler appreciatively responded, “You got this mama Nyambush,” expressing gratitude for Georgina’s acknowledgment.

Tyler also reflected on his journey, expressing gratitude for overcoming dark moments earlier this year.

“I’ll forever credit God. He pulled me out of some dark places,” he said on Sunday.

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In August, Georgina revealed that their separation was by mutual consent occasioned by various issues.

She clarified that their parting of ways was not due to one person leaving the other but rather a culmination of unresolved issues.

“There was no specific reason; it was just not working, there were just piled-up issues, ni mambo mingi zenye hamjui,” she said.

Georgina noted that they even tried to involve family members in an attempt to salvage their relationship.

“We sat down and felt hii imeenda, we tried talking for so long but… We tried to even involve family,” she said.