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Gone without a trace! Disappearance of city man leaves family desperate for answers

Eutychus Mutuma, a 27-year-old Nairobi resident, has been missing for the past two months, plunging his family and friends into distress over the enigmatic circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

According to Annabel Muthoni, Mutuma’s sister, the last known sighting of her brother was on September 10, 2023.

Mutuma failed to return home that day, and concern grew after repeated calls to his phone went unanswered. The family in Meru only discovered his disappearance four days later.

Nairobi News visited Mutuma’s workplace, where both colleagues and customers expressed deep worry about his whereabouts. Described as a friendly and quiet individual who rarely engaged in disputes, Mutuma worked as an attendant in a wines and spirits shop near Koja bus stage in Nairobi for several years.

James Mwangagi, one of Mutuma’s customers, reminisced about his friendly demeanor, stating, “He was very friendly, he never argues with anyone and most of the time he is silent. Unless when he was engaging a customer.”

Brian, a colleague in the alcohol-selling business, shared that Mutuma left work as usual on the fateful day and headed home.

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Three months later, there has been no sign of him.

Muthoni says a neighbor employed his brother as a wines and spirit shop attendant in Nairobi near Koja bus stage for several years.

“We had several plans with my brother hence we would talk on phone often. I called him severally but his phone was off. After four days of calling, we got concerned and reached out to his employer who said that Mutuma had not reported to work for several days.”

“His colleague said he had last seen him on September 10. We were shocked that none of them bothered to look for him for three days he was missing,” Ms Muthoni recounted.

Muthoni explained that her brother’s employer reported him missing on September 15 under OB number 90/15/9/2023, which was subsequently handed over to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Phone tracking data by the police indicated that Mutuma’s phone was switched off near his workplace.

Despite efforts to obtain CCTV footage from the location where the phone went off, the family was informed that the cameras were inactive.

Mutuma’s colleague in Roysambu, where he resided, has relocated, leaving his belongings behind.

With more than 70 days having passed since Mutuma’s disappearance, the family is urging the police to expedite investigations into the mysterious case and uncover the whereabouts of their kin.

They remain perplexed as Mutuma showed no signs of distress or trouble before his sudden vanishing act.