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Here’s a good reason for you to sleep in this weekend

People who sleep in over the weekend live a healthier life. This is according to a recent study by researchers that was published in the Journal of Sleep Research.

The study looked at 43,880 people in Sweden, asking them about their sleep habits and following up 13 years later.

Of the subjects, it was found that people who slept for less than eight hours during the week and weekend had a higher mortality rate.

Those who enjoyed eight hours of sleep during the week and weekend were found to have a lower mortality rate meaning they lived longer.


“The mortality rate among participants with short sleep during weekdays, but long sleep during weekends, did not differ from the rate of the reference group,” a section of the research read.

Torbjörn Åkerstedt, a professor and director of the Stress Research Institute at Stockholm University told CNN he was quite surprised by the findings on sleep during off days.

“Apparently, sleeping in in on the weekends can be a real help,” said Åkerstedt.

Åkerstedt has done a lot of sleep studies over the years, but he said this one has captured a lot of attention.

He thinks a lot of people may relate to sleeping less during the week and, at the very least, may want to have an excuse for sleeping in on their days off.