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Governor Mutua storms local TV station set

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua on Tuesday night stormed KTN News’ set claiming that the station had given his critics airtime to tarnish his name.

Dr Mutua arrived at the Mulu Mutisya Gardens where KTN crew had pitched tent with a group of rowdy youths.

He claimed to have “found a group of youths planning to storm the live set and burn down equipment because their governor was being abused on live TV.”

Dr Mutua went on to state that he had not received communication from the station inviting him for the interview.


The presenter Mashirima Kapombe displayed a text message sent to the governor inviting him for the interview adding that the crew had been calling the governor the whole day with no response.

The governor said he was out in the field campaigning and had not read all text messages adding that the station should have contacted a communication officer from his office.

KTN News had interviewed an expert Jimmy Mutunga who accused the governor of failing to develop the county.


The governor defended his record saying he had drilled boreholes and connected water across the county, contrary to claims by his opponent that he was just taking photos of a few projects and claiming to have done a lot.

Dr Mutua, who was given a chance to defend himself, accused the station of allowing his opponent to lie to Machakos residents.

“I was on my way from campaigns when I saw a group of youths coming here and they told me that someone was lying live on TV. I came so as to get to know why you had not invited me to defend myself,” said Mutua.

The interview was marred by a lot of interruptions by youths who shouted from a far as Mutua urged them to let him defend his record.