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How family of USA man tried to stop burn victim from pursuing justice

By Nyaboga Kiage September 14th, 2023 3 min read

20-year-old Mercy Momanyi endured a horrific assault on Wednesday, August 23, 2023, when her lover, Sheldon Ombongi Okerosi, based in the USA, scalded her with boiling water at their home in Mosocho, Kitutu Chache South.

The incident, which left both Mercy and Sheldon’s mother, Peninah Atemba, with severe burns, unfolded tragically.

Mercy and Sheldon had been in a relationship for two years, with Sheldon even supporting her financially after he relocated to the USA.

On that fateful day, Mercy discovered suggestive text messages on Sheldon’s phone, indicating he was involved with other women. Seeking to salvage their relationship, she confronted him, which quickly escalated into a violent altercation.

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In a desperate attempt to keep the incident hidden, Sheldon locked Mercy in a room after physically assaulting her.

She convinced him to release her hours later, promising to forgive him. However, the secret was eventually exposed when Mercy spoke to Sheldon’s mother, Ms Atemba, about the altercation.

Sheldon, fearing the truth would come out, overheard their conversation and confronted Mercy, accusing her of betraying him. In a fit of rage, he poured hot boiling water on her.

Mercilessly, he then assaulted her further by slamming her head on the floor. Sheldon’s sisters intervened and Mercy was rescued from the ordeal.

During the assault, both Mercy and  Ms Atemba were scalded with the hot water. They were rushed to Bosongo Hospital.

Two days later, Mercy, in several attempts, tried to reach out to her lover, but he was not responding.

Mercy told Nairobi News that a friend informed her about Sheldon’s actions to move out with all their belongings from the house they shared.

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After the assault, Sheldon exited the country, moving out of their shared home with Mercy in Syokimau, Nairobi County.

Sheldon disappeared, severing all contact with Mercy. He has also deactivated all his social media accounts.

He was allowed to move out, which was the last time Sheldon was seen.

“He was here and even carried their items from the house. I personally saw him before he left,” said a neighbor who interacted with him as he was moving out.

On Sunday, August 27, 2023, Mercy’s sister, Brilliant Momanyi, reported the incident to the Mosocho Police Station, launching an official investigation.

The case was recorded under Occurrence Book (OB) number 9/27/8/2023.

The mounting hospital bills and Sheldon’s disappearance prompted a plea for assistance from well-wishers as the family struggled to pay the rising costs.

Sheldon’s family moved Ms Atemba from the Bosongo Hospital, where they had both been taken to and she was admitted to Oasis Hospital.

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A family member from Sheldon’s side reached out to Ms Brilliant and told her that they were ready to pay the bills but on condition that the matter be withdrawn from the police.

“A family member told me that if I wanted them to assist foot the hospital bills, then we would first withdraw the matter from the police,” Ms Brilliant exclusively told Nairobi News.

They could later withdraw from the whole matter and said they did not want to be involved in the case again.

Later, the family members went to the police and reported the matter, saying that it was Mercy who had poured hot water on Ms Atemba.

When contacted for comment, the family of the suspect was not ready to talk to the media. Even Ms Atemba did not respond to this reporter’s questions about what had transpired.

“I am a visitor who has come to see her, and as we talk, she is asleep,” said a woman who answered Ms Atemba’s phone before she hung up.

Nairobi News also contacted Sheldon but his phone number was not going through.

Kisii Human Rights also stepped in, urging Sheldon to cover Mercy’s medical expenses in a letter addressed to his employers in the USA.

“The victim is out of danger, and as of September 7, 2023, he had an outstanding bill of Sh141,820,” the letter read in part, adding that the suspect had gone into hiding and was not responding to them.

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Sheldon remains at large as investigations continue, and authorities are determined to bring him to justice.

A senior detective attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) told this reporter that they even filled out a P3 form, which they handed back to the police.

“The matter was reported, and as we talk, investigations are still ongoing before action is taken,” said the officer, who spoke in confidence as they are not authorised to address the media.

Kisii County police boss Mr Charles Kases said that he was aware of the matter and investigations were ongoing.

“Detectives are still investigating the matter, and action will be taken,” he said.

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