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How suspected bhang peddler robbed police officer of gun, handcuffs in Kibera

A suspected bhang peddler, who allegedly incited members of the public to attack police officers who had arrested him has been charged with the theft of a gun, handcuffs and a police walkie talkie.

Bernard Moyi alias Tiger is accused of robbing police constable John Mutegi of his Jericho pistol loaded with 11 bullets and the other items, jointly with others still at large while armed with stones, metal bars and rungus on April 13 in Kibera, Nairobi.

During the incident, Mutegi was reportedly assaulted and injured by the accused and his accomplices.

Mr Moyi is also charged with being in possession of bhang, having been found with 610 rolls of the narcotic drug worth Sh12,200 during his arrest in Lindi area of Kibera. The accused was also found in possession of Sh400,000 suspected to be proceeds of bhang sales.

On the material day, nine police officers raided a location where the accused was conducting his operations following complaints from members of the public. But he allegedly mobilised more than 100 men who attacked the officers with stones. The attackers eventually overpowered the officers and freed the accused.

The injured police officer was rushed to Nairobi Women’s Hospital where he was treated and discharged. Thereafter, two contingents of the General Service Unit (GSU) and Administration police service’s Rapid Deployment Unit were deployed in the area where they recovered the items which had been stolen from the officer.

When he appeared at the Kibera Law Courts, the accused denied the charges before Chief Magistrate Anne Mwangi who granted him a Sh1 million bond without an option of a cash bail. The case will be mentioned on July 11, 2022 for a pretrial and fixing of hearing dates.