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How to uniquely beat a love rival to win over your crush

By Winnie Mabel December 8th, 2023 2 min read

The competition is stiff in an era where love and affection have evolved to include every other thing God did not intend for humans.

We’ve got those actively breaking marriages in the name of seeking the soft life at a cheating spouse’s expense, we’ve got those who subscribe to Bensol’s ‘Nairobi’ lifestyle of sharing the honeypot wherever birds and bees are communing, we’ve got those who believe in one night stands for sustenance, we’ve got those who go around collecting trophies for their bedposts and we’ve got prostitution that is transacted in all manner of forms.

In all this circus, there are those seeking genuine love. This means the battlefield is small while the battalion remains large.

People are now aware of the fact that if they come across someone who is good, kind, generous, humorous, or loving (in other words, boring for those who seek the hype lifestyle), then they should hurry up and secure that person and lock them down in a committed relationship.

The problem, however, is that one person may not be the only one to note this ‘secure-worthy’ person and have to battle it out with a love rival to win their affection. Nairobi News now brings you unique ways to beat a love rival without breaking a sweat.

The first thing you want to do is to do what Steve Harvey said. Wait for 90 days before you serve up the honeypot.

During this period, the waters won’t be muddy, as is often caused when people become intimate too soon and ruin everything before a relationship has a chance to take off. Sex complicates feelings and blinds people.

Remove this from the table for 3 months, and you will understand a person better. You can be unique by following this rule as opposed to those who serve up the honeypot on the first date and hope to keep a partner continuously using it.

And because lies need consistency while truth-telling is effortless, be unique by not faking who you are to appear more attractive to a love interest.

It will cost you much to keep up with those lies- financially, mentally, and socially, especially in this age of social media.

While your rival may portray the lifestyle, your love interest may find a novel, be your true self, and show them your genuine interest in them- their dreams, values, opinions, and their life in general.

This will help you create a strong emotional bond that goes beyond the superficial. Those faking their lifestyles will be too busy keeping up pretenses to remember to cultivate a romantic bond with the love interest you have in common.

Also, you can directly let your love interest know you have feelings for them, give them your position and tell them they should do with the information what they like.

Don’t push them into accepting your feelings because it is not their responsibility. After confessing your feelings, go on a journey of self-improvement to place yourself in a position to present the best version of yourself to your love interest when they accept your feelings.

Don’t chase them around, don’t nag them, and don’t stifle them. If you make them feel like they are trapped, they will run- probably to your love rival’s arms. So confess, then go about preparing the best version of yourself when you do end up in a relationship.