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Is this the hunkiest police officer in Kenya?

A hunky male police officer has triggered a social media storm after photos displaying his well-toned body went viral, leaving female admirers drooling.

The officer, Stephen Karisa, who goes by the name Self Made on Facebook, has been an active user since January 2015.

He had been sharing his photos until this week when all hell broke loose with female users taking notice of his hot looks.

Among the viral photos are some displaying his bare-chested six pack while in others he posses with a firearm.

In the photos he dons a regular police officer’s uniform complete with a service number.

His bio on Facebook states that he is a police accountant at Vigilance House aged 26. However, during a phone interview with Nairobi News, Mr Karisa said he is a regular police officer based at Shauri Moyo.

Police officer,
Regular police officer, Stephen Karisa, shows class in various poises while in military and police uniform. PHOTO | COURTESY


“I have just been myself for the last five years I had an online presence but all of a sudden the attention came not that I had been posting photos with any intentions,” Karisa told Nairobi News.

“I am just abit scared that the bosses might take this the wrong way, but truth is I never intended for the photos to go viral, I was just a regular Facebook user,” he added. “I only do bodybuilding for fun and to keep fit but wouldn’t mind joining a modelling agency.”

Popular women group on Facebook, Kilimani Mums Nairobi Uncensored, had over 1000 comments to the officer’s photos with women calling him the most handsome policeman.

Some joked how they would not mind being “arrested” by the officer adding that finally the police force has considered the women.

The discussion led to the introduction of photos of the officer alongside his female partner which women rubbished claiming that polygamy is allowed.

In the past, photos of hot Kenyan female officers shared online have been very popular among male users.

The famous celebrity cop Linda Okello, whose photo started a similar social media debate, got in trouble with her bosses for a skirt deemed tight.