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This is how you’ll now be able to identify boda boda operators

All boda boda operators in Nairobi will now be required to wear branded reflectors jackets with their individual registration number printed on them.

This is a campaign by the Boda Boda Association of Kenya to make it is easier to identify boda boda operators in the city.

The registration number will make it possible for members of the public to obtain information about the rider including their names, ID number, motorcycle registration number, among other details.

A person however first has to log into the Boda Boda Association website and input the riders registered number to gain access to the information.


“Bodaboda riders must be identified, that’s why we are giving them branded reflectors with reflective registration numbers,” said the association’s chairman Kevin Mubadi.

He added: “This is also to ensure the good welfare of boda boda riders, because for so long we have been neglected by the government and other motorists.”

He further pointed out that the reputation of honest and law abiding boda boda operators has lately been tarnished by criminals operating on bikes.

“That is why we are requesting all boda boda riders to register themselves with the association, if they have nothing to hide. This also will ensure the riders’ safety,” he said.

Already 4,000 boda boda riders have been registered in Nairobi.