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I’m not your husband! Baby daddy publicly shuts down Akothee

Akothee found herself in an awkward situation when she tried to express her longing for her baby daddy, Dominic.

The incident unfolded during a call while she was on a drive with Nelly Oaks, her manager, and rumored love interest.

As he drove, Akothee decided to call Dominic, the father of her youngest child, Oyoo, who resides with her three children in France.

In a live phone conversation, Akothee questioned why Dominic never calls her and voiced her feelings of missing him and her children.

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However, Dominic seemed hesitant and raised concerns about not knowing what Akothee was up to.

Akothee, in turn, reproached him for not sending simple messages, like “good morning” or “good night,” and criticized his children for not reaching out to her.

“You don’t text me good morning Mpenzi wangu, you don’t tell me you are doing well with the kids. Even a good night message. If I don’t call you don’t call me. Even your kids don’t call me.”

Akothee finally admitted missing him.

“I told you I miss you, and you are not replying to my I miss you.”

Dominic bluntly responded:

“But I am not your husband.”

Akothee, undeterred, insisted that he should acknowledge her as the mother of his children.

“You are the father of my children. You must know where the mother of your babies is.
,,, I am not married. I can see how you are laughing. It is finished. You know me.” Akothee said she could not be married to the Swiss man.

The conversation took a humorous turn as Akothee clarified that she could not be a Swiss wife and had no intention of returning to Switzerland.

In response, Dominic asked if she was drunk,

“Do you think I can be a Swiss wife? Those were jokes. I am back in Kenya; you will never see me in Switzerland. That man was a m** man I don’t want.”

The exchange left Akothee’s fans entertained and intrigued by the drama in her personal life.

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