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Itumbi, Kipkorir shred each other apart over Tanga Tanga cash

A war of words between State House Secretary of Digital Communication Dennis Itumbi and city lawyer Donald Kipkorir has lit up social media as the two embarked on a mission to publicly vilify each other.

It all started when Kipkorir lamented on how the Tanga Tanga outfit, spearheaded by Deputy President William Ruto, is able to donate Sh20 million per week in development projects.

This, he claimed, was three times more than what telecommunication company Safaricom, donates to charity.

He questioned where team Tanga Tanga was getting the money from to facilitate its philanthropy.

“Safaricom, the Most Profitable Company in Africa has donated Kshs. 1.8 Billion to Charity in Ten Years …. This translates to paltry Kshs. 3.4m per week…. TangaTanga Politicians combined, give away over Kshs. 20m per Week… How they can have more money than Safaricom?” asked Kipkorir.

Now, Kipkorir and Itumbi have in the past locked horns, leading to the lawyer blocking the latter on Twitter.

However, this did not stop Itumbi from getting the post.

And as expected he had a ready answer for Kipkorir.

“Now, I know why a #SlayQueenLawyer blocked me. So that she can do what Shakespeare in Macbeth rightly describes as…”…. a tale told by an IDIOT, full of SOUND and FURY, signifying NOTHING.” NB: Asante for the screenshot all those who sent,” Itumbi wrote.

This prompted another response from Kipkorir, who said:

“History teaches us that Fraudsters, Charlatans & those guilt of heinous Crimes always resort to debased attacks & create alternative universe of power… In Kenya, Digital Terrorists that thrived on Forgery & Falsehoods & expelled from State House are walking naked in the day!”

Their online spat caught the attention of Kenyans on Twitter including Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua who referred to the behaviour of the two men as that of a slay queen.

“Son is it a slay queen blocking a slay king?” asked Ms Karua.

“Men who abuse men are slay queens themselves. Stooping too low,” said @senatorOkioma.

“Shot fired! Target hit! Boom!” wrote @Sarahlei3.

“Hon Karua description is awesome… Did a judge call one…’woman eater??” Or said slay queen type of man?” asked @DanielR6.