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Why Johnnie Walker will cost a little bit more from Good Friday

Kenyan revelers will henceforth spend more on some of the most popular alcoholic drinks in town.

This is after East African Breweries Limited (EABL) raised the prices of its hard drinks such as Johnnie Walker Black, Johnnie Walker Red, Baileys Irish Cream and other spirits affiliated to it.

The company announced on Friday a marginal increase in prices of its spirits to compensate for the recent increase in tax spirits by 14.3 per cent.

Treasury CS Henry Rotich had in his budget speech on March 30 announced an increase in taxes on spirits and low-end beers such as Senator Keg.

EABL, in an advert in the dailies Friday, announced the new prices which take effect immediately.

The recommended price of a 1000ml bottle of Johnnie Walker Black will cost Sh5100,  a Sh100 increase.

The 750ml and 375ml bottle will now retail at Sh3800 and Sh1900 resepectively, an average increase of Sh75.

A 1000ml Johnnie Walker Red bottle will cost Sh2650 up from 2600, whilst a 750ml bottle of Baileys Irish Cream bottle will now go for Sh2,150.