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Joho’s protégé? Ommy Dimpoz speaks on who is bankrolling his opulent lifestyle

By Rajab Zawadi September 2nd, 2023 2 min read

There was a time flamboyant bongo flava star Ommy Dimpoz was rumoured to be bankrolled by former Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho.

So much so that when Ommy got poisoned in April 2018 and had to undergo surgery and thereafter spent several weeks in the Intensive Care unit (ICU), it was reported that Joho settled his medical bill for the two years he was incapacitated.r

Pior to the sickness, Ommy’s career had nosedived, yet he continued living on the fast lane with many concluding that it was Joho who was bankrolling him.

One of his critics, the hard-hitting rapper Nay Wa Mitego, hit the studio in 2019 to release a diss track titled Ipo Sawa, which was a scathing attack on Joho for misleading the bongo flava star, who was no longer releasing quality music at the time.

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In the song, Nay Wa Mitego also appeared to insinuate that Ommy had been brainwashed by the politician.

Nay claimed Joho had even gifted Ommy an expensive ride that he has been bragging about (at the time); the same car that the politician once gifted Kenyan socialite Huddah.

…001 boss toka Kenya gari ulilompa Dimpoz bro si ndio lile ulimhonga Huddah” Nay rapped.

Tanzanian artiste Ommy Dimpoz whose real name Omari Faraji Nyembo. PHOTO | POOL

But even after regaining his health, Ommy, whose real name Omari Faraji Nyembo, has never showed any signs of slowing down on his flamboyance.

However, his relationship with Joho doesn’t appear as tight as before, if social media streets is anything to go by.

This has once again evoked the very same question as to where Ommy is getting money for his extravagant lifestyle, yet his music is still on the fringes.

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To answer these questions, Ommy says he already had his act together a long time ago and that’s why he rolls as he does.

“Being smart and visionary is very important because once you make a name for yourself, the next question is, how then do I use my name to create opportunities and sometimes its not always about money (but also networking). This is what I did,” Ommy explained.

Ommy also said he doesn’t need to have a hit song or anyone bankrolling him to live the kind of life he does because he earns well.

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho (left) with Tanzanian artiste Ommy Dimpoz.
Former Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho (left) with Tanzanian artiste Ommy Dimpoz.

“I have been GSM brand ambassador since 2016. I will not say how much I earn from the company but I am paid handsomely every month. Besides that, through my company I handle marketing strategies for the company,” he added.

GMS is a conglomerate Group of companies owned by Tanzanian billionaire Ghalib Said Mohammed (GSM), who is one of the wealthiest people in the country.

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