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Kasarani building not collapsing – City Hall

By LILIAN MUTAVI November 13th, 2017 1 min read

The Nairobi County government has dismissed claims that a building in Kasarani was collapsing.

On Thursday, a six-storey building in Spring Estate developed cracks in its pillars, forcing the police, National Construction Authority and county officers to evacuate tenants.

In a statement, the county’s urban planning chief officer, Mr Justus Kathenge, said that the ground floor column that buckled looked like a dummy that was erected as an afterthought.

“We are carrying out investigation on the integrity of the building as it seems that the cracked pillar was not in the original design but an afterthought, the other columns look okay but will wait for the audit report, ”said Nairobi urban planning chief officer Justus Kathenge.

He said the building that is located on Icipe Road in Kasarani has approvals dated March 10, 2006 vide plan no. EB 436 & 438.

The building with 23 housing units initially belonged to a Mr James Chefs at the time of approval, but was later transferred to a Mr Bernard Theuri, the current owner.

Mr Kathenge said that engineers have been sent to site to carry out tests on the building to determine it’s structural soundness and submit a report.