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KECOBO boss Joshua Kutuny vows to recognise artists’ efforts

Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) chairperson Joshua Kutuny has announced plans to ensure artists and content creators are handsomely rewarded for their work.

Kutuny who was appointed to the board by President William Ruto in October 2023 says he is determined to see local musicians earning value for their work.

In his first meeting with the three Collective Management Organizations (CMOs), Kutuny, a veteran politician,  stressed that said that one of their main agenda going forward is to reduce the expenditure.

“We are also engaging with the CMOs to make sure that the welfare of the artist, content creators, the musician outside there is well taken care of,” Mr Kutuny said.

The chairperson reiterated that there is a need to initiate capacity building that will see the music industry becoming attractive and well-paying.

“We are also discussing how we can cut costs. The question is, do we need three CMOs or do we need one CMO? This is a continuous engagement as we for forward so then we cut down on cost, and once we cut down on cost there will be more money going to the artist because currently it appears more money is going to the operation cost.”

His remarks were echoed by Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua, who said that in other countries, musicians are among the celebrities who are earning more money through their work, which should be the same in Kenya going forward.

Dr Mutua also asked the regulator under the new chairperson to extend its revenue streams to the new media, where songs are being used in TokTok and other social media platforms.

“We need to think creatively. You cannot use the traditional old method and be stuck there when the market is evolving. Money is in the new media, in Google, YouTube, in TikTok. What is the government doing to ensure we monetise the content in those platforms,” Dr Mutua said.

Meanwhile, CMOs promised that they use all the means to ensure that more revenues are raised, including in clubs, pubs, media, and matatu industry.

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