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Why Kenyan cleric has sued Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth

By MAUREEN KAKAH October 17th, 2016 2 min read

A Kenyan cleric has sued US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as well as her majesty the Queen Elizabeth of England over what he terms as historical injustices.

Rev John Mbugua is among 23 internally displaced individuals who have sued 90 individuals and entities, claiming that historical injustices worldwide have robbed the poor and only enriched the noveau riche.

Also on Mr Mbugua’s radar are former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, former US President George Bush, former Kenyan presidents Mwai Kibaki and Daniel Moi, the Kenyan government and Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed.


They also sued several embassies in Kenya including Israeli, German, Spain and China besides several other government parastatals.

Mr Mbugua has a big bone to pick with Mr Trump, the Republican Party’s Presidential candidate, for his remarks on deporting immigrants if elected as President, arguing that should that come to pass it would be catastrophic for Kenyans living abroad.

As for Mrs Clinton, he finds fault on allegations that her husband Bill Clinton caused financial crisis in America hence her being the US President would bring back past injustices to the fore, which would affect the world, Kenya included.

Locally, he faults leaders such as Mr Moi for being associated with illegal acquisition of land.


The 23 petitioners accuse Kenya’s first Attorney General Charles Njonjo of failing to address the plight of Mau Mau fighters and instead focused on having them jailed for their courageous deeds.

They further take offence with the recent judiciary auction in which 40 top of the range vehicles were sold to ordinary citizens at prices ranging between Sh310,000 to Sh2 million.

According to Mr Mbugua, the sale was a pure waste of resources since the said vehicles were bought at higher prices and later sold a throw away prices.

The 23 litigants want the court to direct that heroes be given jobs as advisors of Government in the office of President, Governors, counties and universities so that the country can keep track of previous historical and cultural facts.

They also want remains of legends such as Waiyaki Wahinga, Dedan Kimathi and Mekatilili wa Menza be removed from the graves in which they were buried and laid to rest afresh at Parliament buildings.

They further want leaders associated with looting of land in Kenya be compelled to return the stolen parcels of land.