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Kenyans mock Kivutha’s locally generated oxygen

Makueni governor Kivutha Kibwana has been on the receiving end on social media with Kenyans making fun of his statement that the county produces oxygen used in hospitals within the county.

The governor who was speaking during a health conference in his county tweeted the statement that elicited mixed reactions.

Some users pointed out that food security is greater priority to the residents as opposed to oxygen production for resuscitation services in hospitals.

Other users wondered if the county government had the capacity to produce oxygen.

In January 2017, Makueni County bought several oxygen generating plants and one unit was delivered to the county referral hospital on January 21, 2017.


Other users however congratulated him for ensuring his county of self-reliant.

@EvansLumbe retorted, “We don’t eat oxygen. Tell us about food.”

@FredAsira wrote, “Come and take all oxygen from city hall. They don’t need it there.”

@Mutisya91881107 replied, “Hii Oxygen, Maziwa na Maembe iko wapi?: This guy should start working and stop PR.”

@EvansLumbe added, “For all those who think that I am insane, tell me how many people in Makueni go to bed hungry? How many people in Makueni go to bed without oxygen?”

@JamesNyawira3 commented, “I keep wondering how people working in oxygen producing companies say they do… Me: What do you do now? Them: I make oxygen for human use? Me: That is God’s work-ama?”

@denniskyallo93 stated, “Good work governor! You’re making milestones and we are proud to be associated with that success.”

@vanbounty wrote, “I wish we had a man like you governing my county and country as well. Long life and great success. God bless you.”

@williammaema commented, “This model county is going places thanks to the visionary leadership of my Prof here who is just getting the job done without talking about 2022. Ten more counties like Makueni and Kenya will join the league of middle income economies in less than ten years.”