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Memories of Easter and how I broke up with my boyfriend

The thought of Easter excites many people, but not necessarily because it remind them of the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

To them it’s just one long holiday, a time when they can stay away from work and go out of town with their ‘clandes’, or even spend their time at their local joints having what they call burudani.

Someone I know calls it sherehe with that mutura and soup starter pack without worrying the next day being a working day.

I have special very special memories of Easter. But for the sake of my Sunday School teacher, who just might bump into this article, let me just says for me it’s a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

I hope I made her proud by remembering that.

Then there are the ‘other’ memories I have of Easter. One of these memories that come from the top of my head is my bitter breakup with a cheating ex-boyfriend.

I’ve seen some women who have been caught by their significant others cheating and doing some pretty desperate things to get even with them.

Most of it makes me sick to my stomach because once upon a time it was what I read, heard or saw in the movies but before it happened to me one Easter.

It all started after I decided that Easter was the perfect day to go through with it, I told my boyfriend that I had missed him and I wanted to spend Good Friday evening with him.


I had already packed all of his stuff from my house. I put all of his crap in a travel bag and went to his apartment.

I left the bag in the car and went in. I made myself comfortable by making myself a drink as he went to shower and I was down for some ‘Viceroy’.

Before that I grabbed the bag from my car and put it in his closet, he was still in the shower during this time and I grabbed his cellphone and deleted my number from it because I was sure he never even bothered to know his ‘girlfriend’s’ number off head. That’s how insignificant I was in this relationship.

I had a big shot of Viceroy, probably 2, maybe 3. I can’t remember. Then I waited for him.

I hate to admit it, but he looked really good, his barrel chest, and his blue eyes wow! I was drooling. So I talked him into giving me some oral as I played the tipsy game as a “warmup for the night”.

A lot of the comments told me I should tap it one last time, and I agreed. He made me gag a few times right in the same spot I had caught them red handed with my best friend ‘Monica’.

We talked about vacations we’d taken together and how we’d like to go back. I brought up old memories and made him laugh hard to let all that go. But I was already committed to finishing it.

I was done going beating about the bush. I was done making him feel good and massaging his ego. I was even done getting it one more last time.

I know you will say the sex was uncalled for, but trust me it was the least he could have done for me during that last moment. And I was done giving this heartless dude more time.


I stood next to the same spot he had made me scream and loosen up. My hands were shaking but I finally asked if there was anything he wanted to tell me.

He looked confused and played it off very well, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I probably would have believed him.

I let him lie to me and then told him that I knew about ‘Monica’, that he had accidentally called me by that name and I’d caught them doing it in the same house I called mine and I just watched and left.

He started bawling – and I’ve got to admit that I was crying a little too – but I kept going and told him how much he had hurt me, and that I’d been throwing up all week, sick about it.

The only thing he kept saying was that he was sorry, he would try to interrupt but I kept telling him to let me finish.

I told him there was nothing to talk about and nothing he could say. I never wanted to see him again and with his effort to get into the conversation.

He tried to hug me. “Forgive me,” he kept saying. But I knew better that it was the perfect time to walk away

So there it is. I did it and actually feel relieved, but a little in shock now.

That was my worst Easter holiday and I wasn’t sure how to handle it.

My Easter has just begun and all I remember is how I dumped my boyfriend.

Make sure not to be dumped this Easter, stay safe and don’t drink and drive. Happy Easter!