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Milly Chebby, Jackie Matubia ‘handshake’ talk spills over to 2024

Comedian Terence Creative’s wife, Milly Chebby, has put an end to speculations and dashed the hopes of fans who were rooting for a reconciliation between her and former best friend, actress Jackie Matubia.

The rift between the two friends came to light in October 2023, with Matubia noticeably absent from Chebby’s traditional wedding.

While the separation reportedly occurred in July 2023, the couple chose to make it public later in the year, leaving fans puzzled about the sudden fallout between the once inseparable duo.

Milly Chebby and Jackie Matubia were known for featuring each other prominently in their social media content, and supporting one another during special occasions and events.

The turning point in their friendship became evident a few months ago when they ceased to associate and interact with each other online, leaving fans curious about the status of their relationship.

The absence of Matubia at Chebby and Terence’s traditional wedding in October only fueled speculation about the depth of their fallout.

During a recent Q & A session with her fans on Instagram, Chebby addressed the issue when a concerned follower pleaded for a new beginning in the coming year.

The fan expressed a desire for reconciliation, stating:

“My prayer in the new year is you can solve whatever it is.”

However, Chebby’s response indicated that she has no intentions of reviving their friendship, stating:

“This prayer should remain in 2023.”

In an earlier interview, both Milly Chebby and Terence Creative expressed no ill feelings toward Jackie Matubia, despite the publicized fallout.

Terence emphasized that family issues do not necessarily turn them into enemies. He stated, “In general, let me say this: there are issues that are present as a family.

Today, when me and my wife disagree, she is still my wife. It cannot change. So if someone is your sister and you have a disagreement, you are still sisters. Maybe the difference is that you can take a break while you decide what made you have issues in the first place and how you go about the issue and solve it.”

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