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Millie Odhiambo warns online bullies on sexual debate

By Winnie Onyando December 27th, 2023 2 min read

Mbita lawmaker Milly Odhiambo says she will continue sharing her stance on sexuality despite online trolls against her opinion.

Speaking at the launch of the Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) Strategic Plan at a Nairobi hotel, the vocal lawmaker affirmed her unwavering commitment to empowering youth on the sensitive matter.

“In the face of online insults from a woman blogger who took offense at my openness about sex, I stand firm in declaring that I will not be silenced. The essence of our existence lies in the very act of conception through sex; we are all products of sex,” she stated.

Unapologetically, the three-term lawmaker challenged societal norms during the event, asserting her right to enjoy and discuss matters of sexuality without judgment.

She highlighted the absurdity of using sex as a tool for demeaning women and dispelled misconceptions, emphasizing that sex is a natural aspect of human existence.

The lawmaker is widely recognized for her unwavering stance on matters of sexuality, consistently championing the cause for women’s rights in parliament.

Her legislative contributions have been instrumental in defending women from exploitation, as she ardently advocates for and represents bills aimed at safeguarding their rights and dignity.

In 2016, Milly openly declared her love for sex.

“As a woman, I love sex, I enjoy sex, I have sex. You shall not use it as a tool to demean me or another woman. We don’t have sex with spoons, pens, cooking sticks, snakes, or tables. We have it with men, like you. If I have it with one or many men, I will answer to God, not you. The way you will answer to God for having sex with one woman or more, including your daughter (for the depraved). If you are not ashamed of having sex then stand to be counted, after all, I did not invent sex, and neither did you so don’t blame me for it, same way I will not blame you. I am a proud woman enjoying my sexuality and proud of it.

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