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Missing girls still in Kenya, say detectives

Detectives investigating disappearance of two 20-year-old girls from their Nairobi homes believe the two are still in Kenya.

Investigators suspect the girls, Salwa Abdalla and Twafiqa Dahir, could be in hiding Pangani, Nairobi, where a phone one of them used to send a message to a relative early in the week claiming she is Syria, was traced to.

“We are not sure whether they are in distress or they are hiding on their own volition, but it is highly unlikely that they have left Kenya,” a police officer attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations said.

He said the girls did not have ID cards meaning they couldn’t have acquired passports to travel anywhere outside Kenya.

On Tuesday, Twafiqa’s mother, Rahma Adan, said her daughter applied for an ID earlier this year but she had not been issued with one.

“I have her ID waiting form and I am sure she did not have an ID or a passport,” the distraught mother said.

Salwa’s mother, Khadija Abdalla said her daughter too, did not have an ID.

Salwa, according to her family, has never made any communications with them.


However, her friend Twafiqa wrote a message to her family claiming she had travelled to Syria and that she was fine.

In the message sent her cousin on Sunday, Twafiqa said: “I am now in Syria, I arrived today. Tell everyone not to look for me, am doing very fine. I will contact mummy when I settle down after a few weeks.”

Twafiqa is a University of Nairobi student while Salwa is a second year Education student at Kenyatta University.

Recently, in a TV interview, the families of the two girls broke down while describing their daughters whom they all described as disciplined.

The two girls, according to their families had on Wednesday been together. Twafiqa arrived home that afternoon from Madrassa where she had gone to collect her siblings. While at home, she asked for permission to escort Salwa who was visiting.

“They did not carry any baggage and from that time we have not seen them,” Mrs Adan said, adding that the two girls had not had any differences with their families.

As authorities try to establish the whereabouts of the two, their families have been praying day and night for their daughters, hoping that they would come back.

This story first appeared on the Daily Nation